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At LIFE*MOD, we believe traveling can be an exciting and important part of health. You can strengthen all of the Four LIFE*MOD Pillars of health by traveling.


To help you stay healthy during your travels, domestic or internationally, LIFE*MOD has created the Travel Kits. With this amazing service, we will give you the necessary information about your destination, any CDC immunization and vaccination guidelines, order the vaccination and administer it for you with specific details and information regarding your personalized requirement. We also help in making a ‘kit’ for you that includes some of the basic medication and medical supplies you may need.  

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It is important that you visit a travel medicine specialist or a doctor familiar with travel medicine to answer your questions and make specific recommendations for you. The best time to see the doctor is at least 4-6 weeks before your trip.

Recommendations for vaccines and medicines depend on many factors that are specific to each person. Be sure to give your doctor all the information needed to make recommendations. Examples of these factors include:

•    Where you are traveling within a country,
•    The length of your trip,
•    What types of activities you might do,
•    Other personal matters such as your age, medical and vaccine history, and current medical state.

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Follow the advice of your doctor by getting the shots and medicines that are recommended for you:

•    Make sure that you are up-to-date with all of your routine vaccinations, including a seasonal flu vaccine.
•    Consider any recommended vaccines for your
destination, and discuss any allergies, current medications, or other health concerns with your doctor.
•    If you have recently been sick or find yourself sick at the time of planned travel, see your doctor to discuss whether you should travel. Traveling while you are sick may put your health at risk or put others around you at risk for getting sick. See CDC's 
Making the Decision to Travel and Taking Care of Special Needs for more information.

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