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The LIFE*MOD Program

The LIFE*MOD Program involves 6 total sessions focusing on the 4 Pillars of Human Design: Nutrition, Movement, Fitness, and Self. The program consists of the following:

1. The Journey Begins:

  • Meet your LIFE*MOD Coach

  • LIFE*MOD questionnaire: This will be completed to better understand your current state of health and wellness. 

  • Discuss your goals: while some are trying to lose weight, others want to gain muscle. Some want to look and feel healthier, others want to better control their chronic disease.

  • Explore any obstacles that might keep you from achieving those goals.

  • Complete an InBody Composition test: This is crucial on the first visit to assess Body Type and Body Composition

  • A lab test will be completed for analyzation.

  • LIFE*MOD BLUEPRINT: The Blueprints will provide you with instructions to achieve your goals. Every plan is individual and highly personalized. 

  • Support and guidance will always be available and provided.

2. Your Revolutionary Visit:

  • You will meet with your LIFE*MOD Coach to review the progress in your last 2-3 weeks. 

  • Complete a follow-up InBody Composition test.

  • Meet with LIFE*MOD Physician to review lab results and discuss any detected issues. i.e. high cholesterol, low kidney function etc

  • Create a 'specific' BLUEPRINT: Personalized to the results examined on your Lab Script.


3. Review progress with your Nutritionist and LIFE*MOD Coach every 2 to 3 weeks:

  • Review and discuss any observed changes in mental health, outlook, body weight, stress levels, and other health factors. 

  • Make updates to the BLUEPRINT as needed.  

As each plan is individual and all members are different, the duration of the LIFE*MOD program can be anywhere
between 3 and 6 months long.

*Please note that the LIFE*MOD program is fully supervised by a licensed physician.

Blood Test

Additional LIFE*MOD Services:

nutrition (1).png

The LIFE*MOD Detox:

A 2 week detox program customized to each individual.


Nutrition Consult:

A Clinical evaluations and consultation with our Certified Nutritionist

More Services
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