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Corporate Wellness Program

 At LIFE*MOD, we take our corporate wellness seriously.  So much so, that we have named it: CORPORATE LIFE*MOD. Our corporate LIFE*MOD program is specifically designed for organizations that want to keep their employees healthy and give them the longevity and lifestyle that they deserve.  Our Corporate LIFE*MOD companies care about their employees and their employees health, and know that a healthy employee is a productive one.  

Modern Office

Studies have shown that employees who are involved in their health at work, have a decreased number of absent days and are much more productive at work.  Our Corporate LIFE*MOD program is very unique in that we offer specialized individual programs and group programs as well.  Please call us for more information or email us at: ro@lifemod.comSome of our products and services include:


  • Group Fitness Challenges

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • DNA Testing for metabolizing genes

  • Blood Analysis: 120+ markers checked including hormones, vitamins, complete blood counts, lipid profiles and enzymes

  • Body weight, BMI and body fat percentages with the most unique InBody Composition Machine available!

  • Lunch-and-Learn classes: educational 30 minute lectures pertaining to personal wellness, health, and nutrition

  • Nutraceutical and Nutritional Analysis

  • Yoga and Insanity workouts, tailored to the group

  • EKG

  • Massage therapist to the office environment to be done at the employee's chair

  • Life Coaching

  • Workout Mechanics

  • Physical Therapy Assessments, including core strength, quad strength, gluteus strength and overall gait and coordination with posture mechanics analysis

  • Stress Evaluation and coping mechanisms

  • Ergonomic Evaluation

Please call us for more information or email us at:

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