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Human Design:


This basically differentiated us from animals. It is important to understand this pillar because of the ability to then live with intention. 

If we:

  • move intentionally 

  • work out intentionally 

  • eat intentionally 

Then the self becomes more in tune with its natural healing ability, its natural hormonal capabilities and its natural basal metabolic rate conditioning. 

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At LIFE*MOD, we will teach you how to get more 'intentional' with your self and your daily habits to insure that you become an effective fat burning machine.  With this pillar, LIFE*MOD uses your personal blood type and gastrointestinal allergy profile to design your personalized or 'self' blueprint.

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Learn about our other Human Design Pillars :


Under this pillar, LIFE*MOD® believes that the human body was designed to have an awareness of 'self'.

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